Beatrice Quarters

Last week Friday went to some restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk with co-workers, if I’m not wrong the name is Beatrice Quarters (and hey it seems I remember it well).

Cute restaurant, it served mostly Western food like pasta, they also sold some Japanese dessert toast, but IMHO this is my favorite pick:

Pizza Rice.

I ordered Chicken Carbonara Pizza Rice (yes its look like pizza but instead bread it is a rice with topping), but Japanese style like Unagi Teriyaki is very nice too, you should try it.

And for drink, its called Illusion but it just Blueberries smoothies😄.

Too bad although the place is not that far, but public transportation rarely showed up in that area…you can go there easily via Taxi, your own car, or motorcycle >.<

Hope someday they expanding their area to place that I can reach with public transportation.

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